About Me

Welcome to my blog, The Automobile Obsession. I’m Darren Cassey, a Digital Journalism student at Huddersfield University (University Campus Oldham).

What I want to achieve with this blog is to write about my own vehicular experiences, and discuss the very best cars the world has to offer; that fit into my own ideal of what a car should be. This ideal is broad and will be different for everyone, but for me it essentially boils down to the cars that ignite the fires in our bellies. Whether its a beautiful design or a screaming exhaust note. A car that crushes all the mundane aspects of our lives with power to weight ratios that beggar belief or cornering that could ripple tarmac. It could be all or none of these things; sometimes we love a car just because we do.

As you can tell, I love cars. I love cars and I love driving. What about me? I’m from Chichester on the south coast of England. I spent a couple of years after school at college doing a sports course, but I hated it. Yeah, I like playing football, but that’s about it. After that, one of the only positive aspects of spending the next two years working my way up the ladder in a large supermarket was that I realised I really did not not want to work in retail. During this time I decided that instead of just religiously reading car magazines and websites, dreaming of one day feeling the back breaking acceleration of a supercar or the facially re-arranging lateral g’s of the latest track weapon, I should just try and be one of these motoring journalists I idolised. So a further two years in a media course at Chichester College saw me heading off to Huddersfield University. The Oldham campus to be precise. The Digital Journalism course was suited precisely to what I wanted to achieve. I could build on my ability as a print journalist while also gaining further skills in video editing and filming that I had gained at college.

So this is where I am now. This blog is me bringing my passions to the people. Word.

I also have a personal blog, which can be found HERE.
Or contact me at darrencassey@gmail.com

Photography by Jennifer Claydon.
Header photo belongs to McLaren Automotive.

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